New Delhi: As customers of HDFC bank continued to face difficulties to operate netbanking, the bank on its Twitter handle apologised and clarified that the technical glitch is taking more time to be fixed than anticipated.

Meanwhile, the bank is assisting customers with alternative ways to perform banking services.

How to Transfer money
1. ATM Funds Transfer
3. Autopay
4. Over the Counter cash payment
5. Cheque payment

HDFC Bank’s net banking and mobile apps have been down for most people since Monday morning as the bank’s customers complained that there were unable to access their bank accounts online or perform any transactions on the web or on mobile platforms.


When they tried to log in through their HDFC Bank netbanking usernames and passwords, a message was displayed on their monitors saying, “The NetBanking system is busy processing heavy load from currently logged in customers, request to try after some time.”

According to reports, the technical glitch might have resulted from huge traffic associated with salary transaction in the beginning of the month. HDFC is believed to have the highest number of salary accounts in the country, making it one of the largest retail banks in the world. As of the end of September, the bank had 2.9 crore debit cardholders and 1.3 crore credit card accounts.