New Delhi: Forbes has released the World’s Billionaire list for 2019. The top most richest Indian in the list is business magnate Mukesh Ambani who secured the 13th spot after jumping six positions on the list. The 61-year-old businessman’s wealth swelled from $40.1 billion in 2018 when he was the 19th richest in the world, to $50 billion in 2019. Also Read - Indian Worker in Singapore Charged For Violating COVID-19 Guidelines

Meanwhile, the world’s richest person on the list is e-commerce giant Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, followed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. The riches of Bezos increased by $19 billion within a year and is currently worth $131 billion, said Forbes. Also Read - Delhi to Become The Diabetes Capital of India Soon

Here is a list of the top 10 Indians in Forbes World’s Billionaire list: Also Read - Indians ‘Optimistic But Cautious' About Plans for 2021

1) Mukesh Ambani

2) Azim Premji

3) Shiv Nadar

4) Lakshmi Mittal

5) Uday Kotak

6) Kumar Mangalam Birla

7) Radhakishan Damani and family

8) Cyrus Poonawalla

9) Gautam Adani

10) Nusli Wadia

Forbes said the “list is a snapshot of wealth using stock prices and exchange rates from February 8, 2019”. Some people become richer or poorer within days of publication. “We list individuals rather than multigenerational families who share fortunes, though we include wealth belonging to a billionaire’s spouse and children if that person is the founder of the fortune,” it said.

The 33rd annual ranking has 2,153 billionaires on the 2019 list, down from 2,208 in 2018. The total combined net worth of this year’s billionaires is USD 8.7 trillion, down from USD 9.1 trillion in 2018, Forbes said. “This represents the first decrease in billionaires and their combined wealth since 2016 and only the second decrease in the past decade,” it said. “A record 994 individuals are worth less than a year ago; last year only 360 members got poorer. The average net worth of this year’s billionaires is USD 4 billion, down from USD 4.1 billion in 2018.”

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