New Delhi: Addressing the plenary session of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, PM Modi on Thursday said what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow — a saying which became popular in the last 100 years. Congress leader Gopal Krishna Gokhale had said this about Bengal almost a century ago. Also Read - 'For Sake of Our Youths,' Kejriwal Requests PM Modi's Intervention in Cancelling Final-year Exams

“We have to revive the manufacturing sector in West Bengal,” PM Modi said as he was addressing the session. This is time for bold investments, not conservative decisions, the PM added during his video interaction with the industry body. Also Read - There is no Room For Complacency: What Prime Minister Narendra Modi Said After Reviewing COVID-19 Situation

“The recent reforms will benefit the eastern and the northeastern states the most,” the PM said emphasising how a self-reliant India will make its local industries richer. The PM also mentioned West Bengal’s jute industry in this regard. “Kolkata will be able to regain its lost glory in the commercial sector as we move towards a self-reliant India,” the PM said. He also interacted in Bengali with the industry body representative from West Bengal. Also Read - Along With White Tigers, Rewa is Now Home to Asia's Largest Solar Power Plant