New Delhi: Apart from the messaging service, WhatsApp is now planning to offer health insurance and micro-pension schemes in India. As per updates, these services from WhatsApp will start in the country very soon. Giving further details, WhatsApp India Head Abhijit Bose revealed the roadmap towards bringing “critical financial and livelihood services” to mobile users in the country. Also Read - Signal 'Copies' Several WhatsApp Features Amid New User Surge

Speaking at the Facebook Fuel for India event, he stated that the Facebook-owned company is working with SBI General to launch health insurance products, while HDFC Pension and Singapore-based firm PinBox Solutions are on board for offering micro-pension products in the country. Notably, these new ventures will come alongside WhatsApp’s digital payments venture – WhatsApp Pay. Also Read - WhatsApp Privacy Row: Parliamentary Panel to Grill Facebook Executives Over Recent Policy Change

It must be noted here that WhatsApp is planning to offer affordable health insurance coverage from SBI General by the end of the year. Also Read - Breaking News January 20 Updates

Abhijit Bose further added that the pilots, along with others in edtech and agritech will offer tremendous promise and would help support the government of India’s priorities for a more digitised economy, especially for rural and underserved segments.

Moreover, WhatsApp is also planning to become a competitive platform for other insurance companies and firms offering micro-pension products and expand its footprint in the Indian financial sector.

Apart from insurance and micro-pension services, WhatsApp is getting deeper into the Indian digital economy with its payments feature and the WhatsApp Business API.