New Delhi: With the untimely ran hitting the harvest, the price of onion continued to go high in the markets of Chandigarh. The staple vegetable’s price has increased from Rs 50 to Rs 80 in the market. It was being sold at Rs 70 on Monday.

“Price of onion has increased from Rs 50 per kg to Rs 80 per kg. It was Rs 70 per kg yesterday, today it has become Rs 80 per kg. There is a supply crunch as rains have destroyed the crop,” a vendor told ANI.

For the past three months, the price of the onion is fluctuating with its price going up to Rs 70 on Sunday. The price of onion is at its peak this month and is higher than September when it reached Rs 55 per kg. The price of onion will continue to go up in Chandigarh with officials saying there is no stable supply of the vegetable. Apart from Chandigarh, the prices of onion and other vegetables have also gone up in Ludhiana market.

However, Chandigarh is not the only market in the country to be severely affected by the price rise. The unseasonal rains and unusual weather conditions have caused the price rise of onions in Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh.

“Earlier, the prices of onion used to be around Rs 40-50 per kg, even during the peak period but now the prices has increased to around Rs 70-80 kg,” Moolchand Gupta, a vegetable vendor, told ANI.

Shoppers in the Prayagraj market also expressed resentment over the price rise of the vegetable, saying, “A price hike to this extent in most of the vegetables has never happened before. First, it was on rice and pulses, now even vegetables and fruits have become very expensive. It is becoming more and more difficult for poor people to afford food.”

Earlier on Friday, the Department of Consumer Affairs had reviewed the prices and availability of onions through an inter-ministerial committee.