There’s just something about Google that has us all gripped. Everything from the office to the workings, their story, their success sounds like a dream and a dream everyone wishes to be a part of. There’s always a curiosity about Google, the need to know more about the search giant that is literally ruling the internet and the world today. But then, the secrets of an organisation as large as Google have to be carefully guarded and while some little leaks do come our way now and again, there’s still a lot of facts unknown about the search giant. Some of the facts might seem almost silly and make you wonder how you didn’t know this and some will make you go OMG! but they’re all equally amazing!

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Like, did you know when the first ever Google Doodle was created and how was it created? By whom? Or does Google really have a ssshhh… secret lab?! How about the history of the two founders? Were they always the best of buddies? Or roomies? Or circumstantial partners in a business that blew everyone’s minds? There’s a whole lot of things about Google you do not know and these 10 facts will just make your eye pop out in wonder. And while we are on the topic of facts, did you know why the Google logo has the colours it has? How did they decide on them? The truth is, the makers wanted the primary colours to be the basis of the logo but then, they decided to have one secondary colour just to make it clear that Google does not follow the rules. Interesting, isn’t it?

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There’s also a ton of other things. Like if you’re feeling suicidal and type into Google, “I want to commit suicide”, Google gives you the suicide helpline number of your country followed by a lost of anti suicidal posts or suicide help posts. Google has a pet, ahem, a dinosaur. That’s right. The T-Rex named Stan adorning the Google yard in California was err, adopted, to remind employees to stay on their toes or they too would go extinct. Some motivation this! Want to see a Map of Mars? Just head to Google Mars! Quite the surreal experience, let us warn you! Also, did you know that the giant that has multiple data centres across the world today made its first ever storage center using Lego! No, we kid you not!

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