Diwali is the festival of lights, joy, happiness and togetherness. It is also the festival of food and eating. The one time in the year when the entire family gets together and gorges on some yummy ghar ka khana and sweets/mithai made by our mothers and grandmothers. It is that time of the year when people forget their dieting and exercises and throw caution to the wind as they savour the heavenly food and delectable sweets. But it is important to take care of your fitness throughout the year. Food and sweets are important to relish but exercising and fitness are equally necessary. The sugar rush can give your heart a literal kill in the long run and thus, it is mandatory to watch what you eat. They say abs are made in the kitchen and thus it is important to take care of your nutrition and food intake to avoid becoming unhealthy and causing harm to your body. We list 10 ways by which you can keep a check on your weight this festive season.

1) Eat in Proportion

Yes you read it right. Eat everything and don’t deprive yourself of any food and sweets. Diwali comes only once a year and food and sweets is what bonds people together. Take part in the bonding session and eat everything but in proportion. Take 2 bites of everything specially calorie laden sweets and fried food. Remember anything beyond 2 bites is greed and don’t indulge in sin!


2) Eat at home

When you know you have to attend a party and there is a feast there, to be on the healthier side eat from home. Atleast you can be assured of what you are going to eat is nutritious and healthy. Avoid eating at feasts as much as you can and instead spend time socializing and having fun.




3) Exercise

It is important to be fit. It is not just exercising and going to the gym. It is a way of life. Inculcate this in your lifestyle and make it a part of you even during Diwali. Find innovative ways to exercise like dance at a party, go shopping but instead of taking an auto or your car, walk to the mall and use the shopping bags as your dumb bells! Promise yourself that you will do double the amount of gymming than the calories you have just consumed.

4) Healthy Alternative

Sweets especially during Diwali are hard to resist. But you always have the second option, a relatively healthier one. Instead of jalebi go for the healthier kajukatli or instead of gulabjamun go for the healthier laddoo and peda. Choose the healthier alternative.


Besan Ladoo


5) Distraction

Distract yourself from food (impossible I know!). But for the sake of your body and not trying to kill it with an overdose of sweet and fat. Distract yourself from overindulgence. It is psychology of the mind, keep away from distraction. Don’t sit near the dining table or wherever the food and sweets are kept and instead socialize, play card games or hit the dance floor.

6) Eat only what you love

It is pretty difficult especially when it comes to food and sweets. Choice becomes hard but it is better than piling on weight. Go only for the food or sweets which are absolutely hard to resist. If chocolates are your guilty indulgence than only eat that give the rest a skip. Prioritize what you eat.




7) Eat slowly

Eat real slow that way you can enjoy your food and sweets better and also feel full a longer time and avoid taking a second helping of food and sweets and drink water before you eat so that keeps you full for long and you avoid overeating

8) Don’t skip meals

Don’t substitute snacks and savouries as proper meals. Have your breakfast, lunch and dinner and eat regularly and snack once a day in moderation only.


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9) Avoid alcohol

Now here is the real body kill! Sweets and savouries are meant to be consumed this season but alcohol can be consumed anytime of the year. Avoid alcoholic drinks and aerated soft drinks too. Have water, nimbu pani and other juices instead.

10) Share your food

Share your food and eat in groups. This way you will avoid over eating and also end up socializing with people instead. Talking serves as a good distraction and will help you keep your weight in check.




Happy and healthy Diwali!


-Article by Anwaya Mane