While there are more than enough websites that advise the best behaviour at a job interview, this one tells just the opposite! There could be many ways to screw your interview and make a huge mess of it, but these are the best ways one can try to be thrown out of a job interview immediately.

Watching the video would give you a good laugh. It hilariously shows 10 different ways in which one can fail in a job interview! While everyone tries to make their first impression as the best one, ScoopWhoop Talkies has presented 10 ways in which you can be yourself with your interviewee. It would be very difficult to try out these methods to be thrown out from an interview unless you yourself are not interested in the job!

From showing your true colours, trying to be over smart, lying about job experiences to giving false promises which nobody would dare believe, anything can be on the list for being shown the door from a job interview. Watch the video and have a hearty laugh!

Edited by Shweta Parande