The decade of the 2010s is only about 50 per cent done but it has been a crazy place. If you want a good and comprehensive top 10 list then you know you are in good hands when the video uploader goes by the name of on YouTube. Yes, we bring one more video from the WatchMojo team and this time they are taking on the craziest videos of the decade.

The list focuses on plain weird, over-the-top and ridiculous videos to go along with the music that you must have heard unless you live under a rock. This list is by no means a measure of how good or how bad the videos might be but just that they are way too excessive with their visuals. We must warn you that the videos are not suitable for all ages and we strongly suggest parental guidance before you hit the play button to start the video. [Also Read: Why does YouTube give porn recommendations while browsing incognito?]

Bubble Butt by Major Lazer featuring Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz , Tyga and Mystic is the start to the list of crazy videos. Do you like women with big butts? Then you should definitely check this video out which is a more recent ode to Baby Got Back. The other reason could be that you follow the work of Eric Alexander Wareheim. Tamale by Tyler, The Creator is an extremely colourful video and possibly a depiction of what goes on in his mind. You know you can expect Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus in this video. Click on the play button below to see if you could guess a few weird videos right.