Growing up is a wonderful experience, but when we grow up, one particular question from elders makes us confused: “ What do you want to become when you grow up?” Well, “Why not talk about their present? What they want to do or want to be at present?” says Ishita Katyal from Pune who was invited to speak at TED Youth Conference in New York.

Though, most of us do not take a 10 years old girl seriously. We always pressurize a 10-year-old to study hard for his or her future, but we never ask them what they want to do NOW! Unlike other kids, Ishita Katyal got a platform where she shared her feeling amazingly.

Ishita Katyal is a writer and middle-school goer who as the opening speaker quite wonderfully debuted at the TED2016 (Technology, Entertainment, Design), a nerdy conference of some of the world’s smartest people. The annual conference was attended by the people from top organizations like Google and Tesla, Apple and Uber. The big names such as Al Gore and Bill Gates were also present at the conference.

She said “My dream for the future is that people think 10 times before raising school fees, a hundred times before going to war with another country, a thousand times before wasting food and water, and ten thousand times before letting their child’s childhood go away,” Ishita also added. “I hope you adults can look after the world long enough to give us our chance.” Watch this video and find out how confidently this youngest speaker delivered a stimulating speech at the TED2016 despite her age.