Mondays are always slower than usual. There’s a sort of boredom, a laziness in the air and in your mood which prevents you from being chirpy. The thought of the week stretched out in front of you can drain you of your energy and bring you down. Time just doesn’t seem to move and you wish you could time-travel and jump right to Friday so that you could get over the Monday laziness and boredom. However, if you thought you are the only one who is doing everything in slow-motion, even thinking, stop right there! These animals doing the craziest things in slow motion is simply amazing!

From a cat shaking the water off after a particularly unpleasant bath to a dog showing off his mane of hair, little animals playing with bubbles to a cat chasing a bird – there’s hundreds of slow motion videos that have captured animals in all their glory. Here’s a few of them that will cheer you up and make you feel better – you’re definitely not all that slow!

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1. When the cat got a bath

Water! Arraghhh!


Cat Shaking Water Off


2. When the dog decided to flaunt his mane…

Cuz, I got it, I flaunts it!


Dog Shaking in Slo Mo


3. Cat falling backwards!

We aren’t sure you want to watch the end result of this!


Cat Falling


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4. Dog lapping up water

Now, who’d have thunk such a mundane act could look so cool in slow motion!


Dog Drinking Water


5. Dog bursting bubbles

Thought only you like playing with bubbles, eh?

Dog Playing with Bubbles


6. The grooming squirrel

Damn you human! I just set my hair!




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7. Dog rolling in sand

Yayyy! Sannnnnndddd!

Dog rolling


8. Kitten bursting a water balloon

OMG! What did I just do!


Cat bursting Water


9. Ladybird flying

This is simply beautiful!

Ladybird Flying


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10. Hamster running in slo-mo

Whoa! Who’d have thought!


Hamster Running


11. Kingfisher diving in slo-mo

This is simply stunning!

Kingfisher Diving