Have you ever met a person who does not enjoy drinking wine? No, so raise your glass to red wine. Some say wine is bottled poetry, some say beer is made by men, wine by God. Explore the lovely beverage! There are many health benefits of drinking the alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or any other fruit. There is also evidence that those who consume wine have a 34 percent lower mortality rate than those who consume beer or any other alcoholic beverage.

Don’t you just love swirling wine to gauge its colour, taking in the scent of the wine, savouring the flavour after sipping it. Just like chocolate, wine will never break your heart, it will be always there for you when you are feeling down. For the fitness fanatics, a study has revealed that the compound commonly found in red wine helps with your fitness. Yes, it helps your body receive some of the benefits of a workout without actually hitting your gym for a fitness session.

Also it does not make you feel bloated, like other alcohols. Are you an insomniac? Pour yourself a glass of wine and see if that doesn’t help you drift away. For those who are in love with wine, we are sure you can relate to the following things easily:

1. Love clinking the  glass stemware

2. The sound of wine being poured into the glass

3. How wine enhances social experiences

4. It is also acceptable to drink alone at home

5. The texture, weight of the wine improves ability to taste

6. The aroma of the wine improves your ability to smell

7. Frolic through vineyards

8. Can’t sleep? Grab a glass of wine

9. It does not make you bloated

10. Is there anything more romantic than wine?

11. It feeds your soul, makes you a better writer!

For someone new to drinking wine we hope these reasons are enough to tempt you to try this amazing beverage! Once you have drowned your soul into glasses of wine, everything will be nice and warm. You will find it everything amazing and yourself suspended without gravity. As someone once said Life is too short to drink bad wine! (ALSO READ:  Daily glass of red wine can improve heart health)