You will be surprised to how talented this 11-year-old elephant from Tamil Nadu is. An named Lakshmi, from Aravindalochanar temple in Tamil Nadu has been doing something at the auspicious temple place, that has surprised people. The 11-year-old elephant Lakshmi is a mouth-organ specialist!

Yes, people have been looking forward to Lakshmi playing the mouth-organ in front of the temple. This has been the routine for Lakshmi for the last ten years now. She learnt how to play the mouth organ from R Balan who is an expert. People who come to the temple are amused to see how beautifully the animal has mastered the art of playing the mouth organ.

Lakshmi plays the instrument with amazing rhythm. It has now become a ritual for Lakshmi to play the instrument in front of the deity. She plays the instrument using her trunk every morning and evening. Watch the video below to see how 11-year-old elephant Lakshmi cutely nods her head while playing the mouth organ.