Ahmedabad: At a mass wedding ceremony organised in Ahmedabad on Saturday, as many as 1100 couples, including both Hindus and Muslims, tied the marital knot.

Organised by a public trust, the newly wedded couples were also given gifts, who seemed happy with the initiative.

Mohammadi Bano, a bride, remarked that she felt good to be a part of the event and said, “It is indeed a great help to poor families who cannot afford costly marriages”.

“Community marriage reduces the financial burden on families. This is a good event. The money thus saved can be utilised for other purposes,” said another participant.

“The financial burden on our parents is reduced. We can do something for ourselves in the future,” said another participant.

“When there is unity in the country only then such an event is possible. It is good that Hindus and Muslims are together in this event. Even if someone is poor, he or she marry in such an event,” Jitendra, a groom.