Palawn: A 15-year-old boy turned a saviour for his younger sister after he fought with a crocodile to save her life. Yes, it’s true! The incident happened in the south of the Philippines last Friday when 12-year-old Haina Lisa Jose Habi, was walking on the small bamboo crossing over a creek with her brother Hashim.

While they were crossing a small bamboo bridge over the creek, a 14-ft long crocodile caught hold of Haina’s right leg and tried to pull her off the bridge. The little girl screamed as the crocodile bit into her right calf and tried to pull her into the water.

Hearing her screams, Hashim didn’t even waste one second and rushed to save his sister. The teenager started throwing rocks at the crocodile and managed to pull his sister out of its grip.

‘The crocodile was bigger than me. I was so scared. I panicked and cried. I saw its teeth and inside its mouth. I screamed and Hashim helped me. He threw rocks at the crocodile and pulled me away from it. I love him so much. He saved my life,” Haina told the Daily Mail.

Though Haina’s life was saved, she suffered injuries on her right leg and was later admitted to the hospital. Her condition is now said to be stable.

Officials are currently searching for the crocodile so that such incidents don’t happen again.