Oregon: In what can be termed as a miracle of sorts, a 16-year-old Indian-origin mountain climber from Canada survived a 500-feet fall from Mount Hood. The 11,240 feet, Mount Hood is the highest summit in coastal US state Oregon.

The incident happened on Tuesday, when Gurbaz Singh from Surrey, decided to ascend the peak with his friends to mark his 98th mountain climb. While he was climbing up, he lost his footing on ice and fell from a section of the mountain known as The Pearly Gates to the Devil’s Kitchen area below.

However, dangerous as the fall was, he survived it and got away with it with only a broken leg.

As he was stranded at an elevation of about 10,500 feet after the fall, it took several hours for search-coordinators to rescue him. Rescuers located Gurbaz and managed to splint his leg, then began the slow descent down the mountain four hours after his initial fall.

“He thought he was going to stop somewhere, and he was trying to arrest the fall with his ax, but it just didn’t happen because he was rolling so fast that he couldn’t do it,” said Gurbaz’s father Rishamdeep Singh.

Gurbaz had to undergo a a surgery in a hospital in Portland soon after with doctors crediting his training and wearing a helmet as reasons why his injuries weren’t more severe.

Though his son was injured, his father Rishamdeep Singh’s spirits weren’t crushed. Being hopeful, he said that once Gurbaz is fully healed, they will conquer Mount Hood together.