The summers are upon us! And whatever our dear Victorian novels might have raved on about the summers being special and amazing, we Indians know how dread strikes our heart once the first wave of heat hits us. Summers are perhaps one of the most dreaded of seasons for the summer heat and there’s just no respite that even fans or the cool shade of the trees provide. We can feel the sweat trickle down our faces or the summer heat bite our skin… But then, despite all the negatives, summers are amazing and bring with them a whole lot of reasons for joy and fun. Here’s some moments from Indian summers that we Indians can relate to instantly!

1. Mangoes!!!

The first bite into that luscious, luscious mango… Mmmmm… There’s just no feeling better than to suck a mango, juice dribbling all over your chin like a small kid again! Indian summers are just incomplete without mangoes and the moment we think summer, it is only this delicious fruit that comes to mind!


Plucking Fruit


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2. The joy of lounging in tank tops and shorts all day long

Here’s the season where you can shed all those layers and happily roam around in tank tops and shorts all day long! Land up to your office in shorts and we’re sure no one will complain as it is just too hot to bother with anything else outside. Summers are the favourite season of the casual fashion lovers!




3. That moment when you step into your ac office/mall from the heat outside

Ahh, that indescribable, indescribable feeling…


Opening Door


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4. That cold shower after a long, long day

There’s nothing more rejuvenating than splashing about in a cold bath or a cold shower after a long, hard, sweaty day. Feeling the cold water soothe your angry, heated skin is a feeling that is just indescribable. You can only feel it.




5. Digging into freshly made pickles!

Summer is the season for pickles and we bet each one of you, tried sneaking past your vigilant mothers and grandmothers to lay your hands on some of those delicious pickles roasting in the sun! Darn, we’re hungry now!




6. Vacations!

Indian summers are absolutely incomplete without the memories of vacations. Those moments spent with friends, without a care in the world, the happy, innocent times where the only worry was the exam result and the book covers for the next year. Such beautiful summer days those were!


Playing in Water


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7. Visiting multiple hill-stations

Indians absolutely love their hill stations and come summers, their bags are packed and ready for a trip to the closest hill station. Be it Dalhousie, Nainital or Mahabaleshwar – hill stations are one of the favourite tourist spots and teeming with people. Indian summers are absolutely incomplete without atleast one trip to a hill station!




8. Finding a window seat in the bus

And then feeling like a dog wishing you could hang your neck out with your tongue hanging out…




9. Playing indoor games

Not that you really cared about the sun and the heat, but your parents’ often dragged you in and threatened with all sort of dire punishments if you did step out again. Come in those amazing indoor games that you played all day and night! Board games to chess and cards, you did it all and loved every moment!


Playing carrom


10. Late night outings/walks

After a heavy summer night dinner, a few helpings of mangoes, there’s quite nothing like the late night walk or playing some badminton in your compound while the adults chat with each other in the gardens. Ahh, Indian summer.


Playing Badminton


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11. Eating golas and ice-cream non-stop

You’ve tried every flavour the gola wala has on offer and he probably knows which is your favourite one just by looking at you! Also, you are lucky if you can find a single seat in the ice-cream parlour in summers!


Eating Gola


12. Chugging Ganna juice

Every desi’s beer, ganna juice sustains us through summers.


Sugarcane Juice


13. Sleeping on the terrace/outside

Either on a cot or just putting the mattress down and laying outside, gazing up at the stars, a cool breeze caressing you and easing away all your worries.


Late Night Summer


14. Going gaanv

It is perhaps only in India that the summer season is synonymous with visits to the village. Splashing about in the village rive, visits to the field, tree climbing sessions and unfettered fun – are just some of the moments summers give you.




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15. Playing under the trees

Playing under the shade of a tree or even climbing tress and resting in them is one of the favourite summer pastimes. And who can forget feeling tired and laying down under the shade of a tree only to wake up in the evening to a cool breeze!




16. Experimenting with short hairstyles

Summer months means going chop, chop and experimenting with a host of shorter, cooler hairstyles. Remember in childhood how you screamed when each time your mother dragged you to the local ‘beauty parlour/saloon’ for a haircut?




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17. Watching moms make papads and masalas

Most Indians still make their own papads and dry the spices before grinding them. Though people in cities are moving to packaged spices, Indian terraces and verandas can still be found littered with whole spices drying in the sun.




18. The smell of freshly ground spices

Oh and when these spices get ground… It’s a beautiful smell that clings to your house and your clothes making them smell truly Indian and truly summer.


Grinding Spices


19. Flaunting your sunshades, hats and caps

Turned into too much of the city person and don’t relate to all these good old summer memories? Well then, how about flaunting your hats and shades? This is the one season you go out shopping for the best hats and the most fashionable shades and totally rock them!