Google is what we think about when we want answers. Forget opening an encyclopedia or switching on the news to wait for something you think you should know. Log on to the internet and just ‘Google’ it to find all the answers. As we near the end of 2015, Google has a treat for us in the form of a video.

The search engine giant tells us via a YouTube video, what we searched for the most in 2015. Starting with the query – “how can I help the refugees“, Google helped us connect with those who needed out help the most. The searches go on with people asking why women can’t be army rangers to the meaning of the Confederate flag. Poaching is a big problem even today, and people united to get justice for Cecil, the lion. [Also Read: Google to bring Loon to India soon, power 100 wi-fi stations]

World events from sports to politics and even the human pursuit of knowledge that guided us to be able to send the Curiosity rover to Mars. Selfies to velfies (selfie video) and historic judgment that made homosexual marriage legal in the United States of America. What colour is that dress in reality? The horrible attack in Paris and the pursuit of world peace that still eludes were all asked, and Google tried it’s best to collate the best possible response to all our queries. Thank You, Google for quenching our thirst for knowledge. Check out the awesome video by Google below.