On the seventh anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks, this is a tribute to the unsung heroes of 26/11. This national anthem features the heroes of the 26/11 tragic attack, and the video is dedicated to them. It has been seven years since the tragic event happened, though we all remember the name of the terrorist behind the attack. But it is indeed disheartening that we don’t remember our heroes who were there to save our lives.

Although it has been seven long years, many memories have yet not been wiped away. On this day let us once again remember the unsung heroes and pay them the due respect that they deserve. Let us pay tribute to the heroes of 26/11 with the national anthem.(ALSO READ: 26/11 terrorist attack movie: Watch The Attacks of 26-11 full movie online here)

There are many renditions of the national anthem, which equally portray the passion and patriotism for the nation, but this one is a one of a kind effort made to remember those who matter to us. Those who put their lives ahead for the nation.his video is dedicated to Mumbai police, National Security Guard commandos, fire fighting force, the civilians and the martyrs.

Let us take pride to remember the heroes who fought with terrorists and rescued many lives. Farhan Akhtar has lent his voice for prologue of this video. Salim  and Sulaiman Merchant have lent their music to the film.Many talented singers Sonu Nigam, Kailash Kher, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shrey Ghoshal and Shaan have lent their voice for the video. The national anthem will be features in theaters nationally.