A woman named Rihana gave birth to four babies at a private hospital in Lucknow. All four children and mother are healthy. She started to have the labour pain on Wednesday afternoon after which she was admitted to the hospital. The 28-year-old woman’s surgery was carried by a gynaecologist named Asha Mishra. The surgery was successful and was one of the major operations in the doctor’s career.

The pictures of the woman and the children have now gone viral. All four children and the mother are currently under the observation at the hospital.

Check out the pictures here:

Earlier, the news made headlines after the Kolkata woman had labour pain in a moving train. Soon after that, some passengers created a labour room with clothes while she gave birth to a baby. The woman gave birth to a baby and was soon rushed to the hospital. She was travelling from Agartala-Habibgaunj Express when she started to develop contractions. Three passengers named Md Sohrab, Tribhuvan Singh and Subadar Gadwa successfully helped the woman to deliver the baby but was unable to remove the umbilical cord. The trio then pulled the chain for help.

The train stopped at Dhupgiri station and RPF inspector and station master were informed about the incident. A local doctor was called to remove the chord and the mother and child were given the first aid.

Sohrab who helped the woman deliver the baby spoke to Times of India and said, “I did not know who the woman was. Neither I wanted to know. She was about to deliver, and that was important. Never had any such experience. But someone had to do something.”