It’s almost 2016 and the New Year also means a whole lot of new resolutions. An while you make and break the regular ones every year, make 2016 different and take some crazy, crazy resolutions for office. That ways, the adrenaline will keep you from breaking these and you’ll also feel motivated to try them out – just to test the crazy results. It’ll also add some spark to your boring office life. Confused as to what exactly you must do and what kind of resolutions you must make to make them “funny”? Well, there’s a whole lot of things you can do – like maybe turn your resolutions around completely. Go wild and crazy!

1. Send one Whatsapp forward to your boss everyday

We don’t know if this will result in good appraisals or not but you might just be blocked and barred from your boss’ and office’s Whatsapp groups!


Throwing Phone


2. Start replying to everything your colleague asks in NO

Can I haz a pen? NO.
Can I borrow your notepad? NO
Will you finish this assignment? NO


Saying No


3. Suddenly make a face and run to the wash-room every meeting

Try this on meetings that extend beyond 15mins and your boss will begin excusing you thinking you have a serious bladder problem!


Need to Pee


4. Keep an assortment of pills on your desk

And each time any irritating colleague approaches you, begin hacking, pop a pill and then take deep, calming breaths.


Eating Pills


5. Keep stinky shoes under your desk while you leave

This will ensure all those office stationery and bizarre office-desk decoration stealers will keep at bay. During the day? Safely lock that pair away in your office drawer or carry a spare shoebag to tie them up and keep them away.


Smelly Feet


6. Start speaking only ‘shudh’ Hindi

Vachan de ke aap keval shudh hindi me samvad karenge.




7. Raise one complaint with the HR everyday

It could be something as trivial as your pen’s ink getting over and you needing a refill. Complain.




8. Make the canteen-wala taste your dabba everyday

And then tell him just how much his food sucks.

Feeding 1


9. Come up with innovative reasons for being late/taking leave

Do away with the traffic/woke up late rule. Create crazy reasons. Like you got abducted by Martians and thus, couldn’t come to work for a day as you were hatching ways to escape Mars without a spacesuit…