More than a ton of drugs were disguised as carrots were transported by smugglers across the US and Mexico border. But the drug smugglers were busted after the 2,493 pounds of marijuana was found by the Texas police officials. More than a ton of marijuana was stuffed into fake carrots and mixed in with shipment of real carrots. But the smugglers were busted after it was found out thanks to the imaging system .

On secondary examination it was found out that the vehicle crossing the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge along the Texas-Mexico border had drugs worth 500,000 dollars.There were almost 3000 fake carrots, which looked exactly like carrots but had drugs inside it.(ALSO READ: OMG! 24 poisonous live snakes found at cannabis farm worth 30,000 pounds)

Two trucks were flagged containing such fake carrots filled with drugs by the drug smugglers. This is not the first time such a smuggling has been tried to execute by the smugglers. The smugglers have always tried to creatively come up with such hacks to smuggle drugs across the US- Mexico border. Earlier the officials had found marijuana and cocaine worth 2 million dollars inside cucumbers and also fresh fake tomatoes hiding the drugs.