Fall is coming up quick and you’ve got to catch those last rays of summer heat before it’s gone for the next six months. Be sure to make the best of these last few days with outdoor activities. To get you started here is our list of things to do before the summer ends! To get you started here is our list of things to do before the summer ends!

  1. The Last Beach Day: of course our first tip is to head to the beach! You won’t be able to for quite some time so enjoy it while you can. Just drive down on a random day to catch the sunset on the beach.Have a picnic! Soon it’ll be too cold to sit outside
  2. Have a Picnic: Soon it’ll be too cold to sit outside, so grab a blanket, some snacks, and a few friends to catch up with.
  3. Hike: Even if you’re not an outdoors person, I still recommend taking at least a short hike. It is not only amazing exercise but it gives you a great feeling of accomplishment once you’ve reached the top of the hill and of course the views are always stunning.
  4. Barbeque Time: Heat up that grill and get in those last few days of BBQ chicken and veggies before it’s too cold to cook outdoors.
  5. Outdoor Movie Theater: Call your friends over to watch a movie outdoors—you could even turn this activity into a BBQ or picnic, a two in one deal! It’s romantic, unique and fun!
  6. Lobster Time: Summertime is when you can grab all the seafood you can eat and before you know it the pumpkin spice takes over will begin. Grab a lobster roll before the summer ends
  7. Amusement Parks: Soon amusement parks will be closed for the summer so be sure to hit up your favorite ride before its closed!
  8. State Fair Junk Food!: Speaking of amusement parks, there’s nothing like the gooey, greasy goodness of amusement park and state fair foods! If you’re in New York head to Coney Island for your last funnel cake and a hot dog for the summer.
  9. Short Shorts and Rompers: Rock those short shorts and rompers! You won’t be able to for a whole year
  10. Watering Hole/Pool: get as many water-based activities in these last few days as you can. Go diving into your local watering hole, lake, etc. And use that pool as often as you can.
  11. Crop Tops: Sorry ladies, crop top season is coming to a close, get in all that navel-baring action that you can.
  12. Water Fight: what summer would be complete without a water fight—especially if you haven’t had one yet. Grab some balloons and water guns for an intense end of summer water fight with all of your friends.
  13. Sleep: For those still in school this might be the only time you could sleep past noon until next year, so have a lazy day and just sleep in.
  14. Popsicles: There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than making a good popsicle (and for the adults—an alcohol flavored popsicle!)
  15. Take me out to the ball game: How could we forget America’s favorite pass time? Grab a friend, some beer, cheap tickets and head out to a baseball game while you still can.
  16. Volunteer: Take a time to give back to your community and volunteer outdoors to clean up a park or plant some trees.
  17. One Last Vacation: Book one last getaway with your friends or your significant other. Even if it is just for a weekend go away, stress-free, and relax at a bed and breakfast at a town within driving distance so you save money on travel.
  18. Farmer’s Market: Head to your local farmer’s market to grab some fresh fruit and vegetables, soon it’ll be too cold to find some of these gems so you may want to freeze them or make preserves so they last you throughout the winter.
  19. Tourist for a day: Be a tourist for a day and explore your hometown, we tend to take our own cities for granted. Book a tour of the city, check out a museum or popular restaurants you’ve never been to before.
  20. Park Yourself at the Park: Take a book to read or a sketch pad to doodle on and head to your nearest park. These last few days between summer and fall are the most beautiful, the changes in our environment are meant to be soaked in. Take a break during work and have lunch at the park if you have one nearby.
  21. Homemade Lemonade: Fresh lemonade is absolutely the best! Don’t forget to make a pitcher of lemonade before summer’s gone
  22. I Scream for Ice Cream: Eat Ice cream. All day, every day.
  23. Boating: Rent a boat and hit the water with your friends, the cool breeze the beautiful scenery are all things you won’t be able to experience until next year.
  24. Fireworks: Look up events in your neighborhood and see if any involve fireworks. Summertime fireworks are stunning and these last few days are the only time you can check these—at least until new years.
  25. Camping: Camp out somewhere, if you can’t go far just camp out in your backyard for the night. This is a great activity if you have kids.
  26. Star Gaze: With the sky so clear and stars so bright, grab a blanket and just lay on the grass to stargaze. It’s even a romantic date idea!
  27. Visit the Zoo: Get re-acquainted with your inner child by heading to the Zoo! It’s always a good time—trust me!
  28. Sell it All: Have a garage sale to get rid of all your junk. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, right? It’ll give you room to shop more and prep for the fall!
  29. Flop on a Floppy Hat: For my fashionistas don’t forget to rock your favorite oversized summer hat while you still can! Those adorable floppy hats will have to head to the back of the closet for fall and winter. Be sure to wear your biggest and floppiest hats these last few days.
  30. Watermelon: Eat a watermelon! Whether you eat it on its own or drown it with vodka, be sure to eat a watermelon before summer ends.
  31. Outdoor Sports: If you’re an athletic person you’re definitely going to miss playing outdoor sports like golf, tennis, volleyball and badminton. Sure you can play a lot of these indoors as well, but it’s just not the same. Even if you’re not athletic grab the family for a day of activities and create a tournament out of it before summer ends.
  32. Play Hooky: You won’t see this weather for a while, so it’s okay—you can call in sick today.