You can’t predict how some memories from your childhood can bring the happy-sad nostalgia in your life. Toys comprise a great part of our childhood and they do trigger memories in ways that only we can understand. Something similar happened to a woman who lives in Scotland when she found a barbie. For a change, she never had a Barbie in her childhood but this time, at the age of 37-year-old, when she saw a barbie doll at a toy store, she couldn’t resist but teared up.

The woman goes by the name Gin & Lemonade on Facebook and she made a heartwarming post about her Barbie-encounter. She is specially-abled and the barbie that she saw for the first time was also a wheel-chair user, just like her. That moment of connection and the fact that she could finally have a barbie that represented her and millions of others who are like her made her emotional.

She described the entire moment and talked about how much ‘representation’ matters. In her long post on Facebook, the woman revealed how, while growing up, she had endured moments in which she was made to feel different and someone who doesn’t fit into society. A part of what the woman wrote in her post read, “Today, I saw a Barbie. In an active wheelchair. And I cried in the aisles. Because representation matters. My daughter pointed out there’s even a ramp. Because we have places to go, too. My point is, my wish is, kids will finally get to see that we don’t need to work ourselves out of our wheelchairs to be seen. We matter as we are.”

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The post has gone viral on social media. Popular toy manufacturers like Barbie are changing for the better. Earlier, they lacked diversity and equality in their products. Now, the dolls are available in all shapes, sizes, colours and looks. Barbie manufacturers are often being criticised for setting wrong standards of beauty through their dolls but good things are in offing now. Cheers to the diversity and cheers to the fact that we are more aware now!