Indian Grey Mongoose

In the animal kingdom, many predators tend to pick (kill and eat) animals that can’t really defend themselves in an all out fight. Then again there are some animals who find eating defenceless herbivores too mainstream, they decide to take predation to the next level and actually kill and eat other dangerous animals. Here’s a list of the A-Team of the animal world and their deadly prey.

1) The Indian Grey Mongoose and the Indian Cobra- The mongoose is famous for it’s talent when it comes to killing venomous snakes. Being humans we tend to support anyone or anything that loves killing snakes as much as we do. The cobra is an extremely dangerous creature but the mongoose is well suited to slaying this beast, it has cat like (or much rather, mongoose like) reflexes,  a thick coat and is resistant to it’s  prey’s venom. Cobras should be as scared of mongooses as we are of cobras. Despite their name, the mongoose is not related to geese. (Read: 3 of the nastiest insects known to mankind till today!)

2) The Siberian Tiger and The Brown Bear- Tigers are the badasses of the animal world, They can kill and eat anything they want to. Siberian Tigers kill and eat bears. Their cousins the Bengal Tiger are known to kill and eat crocodiles. Bears and crocodiles are terrifying, but nobody messes with the big kitty. (Read: 4 pretty animals that can leave you for dead)

3) The Sperm Whale and Colossal Squid- Try not to laugh. We often think of whales as slow, peaceful animals. Well the Sperm Whale kills and eats a little animal called the Colossal Squid, which is like a squid only 14 metres long. The colossal squid and the giant squid are possible explanations for the Kraken, a giant octopus like creature that supposedly sank ships back in the day. Long story short, a whale with an inappropriate name eats the Kraken for breakfast.

4) The Jaguar and Caiman- The Jaguar is another big cat, it lives in South American and a part of it’s diet is made up of caimans which are relatives of the alligator. The cat is also known to take on anacondas which are the largest snakes in the world and capable of swallowing children whole (much like maths teachers).