There are different ways to flirt with a girl but many boys use flirty body language to convey their feelings. There are flirty body language sings boys unconsciously give. We bring to you 5 signs of flirty body language of boys that will help you to understand whether the guy is interested in you or not. (Read: The Secret To Have A Perfect Date)

1- Eye contact: Eye contact is a crucial weapon a guy use for flirting. A boy is interested in you or not depends how long he holds an eye contact with you. If he likes you he would hold an eye contact for a bit longer than the average person. So next time if you see a guy holding long eye contact with you make sure to respond him right. It differs with shy guy. They hold short eye contact not because you are not beautiful but they feel awkward just looking at you.

2- Smile: A smile always plays vital role in conveying love feelings. If a guy is interested in you and wants to approach to you he will smile at you. It is the easiest way for boys to express their feelings. So if a guy smiles at you understand the reason.

3- Closeness: A guy who is interested in you would try to be close with you. He would find any reason to talk with you or to spend time with you. They just want to be close with you so that they would understand you and try to impress you accordingly.

4- Tilting of head: Don’t be shocked. Yes they way a guy tilt his head can give you indication whether he is interested in you or not. If a guy tilts his head towards you, it is a sign that he is listening to you attentively. It shows his interest not only in you but in your talking and in your words. Why they do so? Obviously every girl appreciates this that’s why.

5- Reflect your actions: A guy who is interested in you would try to reflect your actions. For example if you are laughing over any topic he would also laugh with you. By this way he tries to convince you that he is very much like you. It may be because he adores you!

There are lot more signs of flirty body languages but these are the basic ones. Remember them and it will help you to know the boy is flirting with you or not.