Salman Khan ad

Yeah that’s the expression we had after watching these ads

Salman Khan just hasn’t enthralled us over the years with amazing acting in his movies; he has also done ads for numerous products which have showcased the best the advertising world has to offer. They left us wondering whether brands consider us downright dumb, that we’ll buy something just because they show Salman using it onscreen (considering bhai’s popularity, that’s just a moot question)? Here are the five Salman Khan ads which left us bemused:

The Dixcy Scot Ad

This ad was decried for being insulting to people with disabilities because it seemed to insinuate that they deserved pity. Whoa  those words are way too serious to discuss a Salman Khan ad, basically Sallu bhai  is going all gung-ho in an arm-wrestling competition, beating one skinhead thug after another until, a man with a child comes along and Salman Khan loses on purpose after seeing the child has a leg brace. We still couldn’t figure out where the vest figured in all this, does it bestow compassion upon its wearers?

The Force Trump ad

This time we get two Khans as Salman Khan teams up with brother Sohail Khan to take on some pehlwans. For some bizarre reason, Sohail agrees to take on five of them in one go when Salman arrives and helps him beat said five goons. Exactly how the tempo helped other than helping the brothers get to the location is something we’ve all been trying to figure out!

The Thums Up Ad

This old classic had buddies Salman and Suniel Shetty battling it out for the last bottle of Thums Up espousing the age-old advertisement adage that you must fight to your last breath for a cheap soft drink instead of just going to another location to buy it. Salman ends up with the bottle and manages to land on a speedboat with a pretty girl!

The Chlormint Ad

Joined again by brother Sohail, this time the two are dressed in blazers and shorts and talking like autistic children and are  thrown off the plane by an airhostess for asking the impertinent question ‘Log chlormint kyun khate’. The great thing about the ad is that it makes our real-life fantasy of throwing the Khan Brothers from a high place come true!

The Revital Ad

The worst of the lot has Salman Khan harping on about the benefits of Revital which allows people to do things and not get tired, things that includes him playing rugby in front of football (soccer if you’re American) goal posts fully dressed.