Christopher Nolan is about to unleash his latest creation to the world. He has has been obsessed with the capacity of the human mind. From how the human mind can be fooled in The Prestige to how much it can dream in Inception to how much it can be fooled in The Memento and now with Interstellar, he explores how the human perception of space is surpassed when a group of explorers find a way wormhole to go beyond the scientifically possible limit of a man-made space shuttle.

1. Christopher Nolan was not the first choice to direct Interstellar

Steven Spielberg, famous for creating amazing sci-fi films, was the first choice by the makers of the film to direct Interstellar. Christopher Nolan’s brother, Jonathan Nolan, was one of the writers of the film and he suggested his brother’s name when there the need of a new director after Spielberg changed production companies too often.

2. Christopher Nolan took inspiration from popular sci-fi films

Films like Wall-E and Avatar were sort of brought together to give hope to mankind when the world is facing peril. The element of human space travel was added by Nolan too make it a more positive film and promote manned spaceflights for exploration.

3. Alien world were recreated in Iceland

The icy landscapes and the water bodies in Iceland were used to depict alien worlds in Interstellar. Christopher Nolan shot for a couple of weeks to get it right with a crew of over 300 people as they transported spaceships created for the space exploration shots.

4. Hans Zimmerman wrote the music without knowledge of the theme of the film

A Christopher Nolan film and it has to be Hans Zimmerman for the background score. All that Zimmerman got to base the music on was a sheet of paper to portray the relationship between a father and daughter set in the strange times when mankind is on the edge of extinction.

5. Visual effects were done in advance rather than after shooting scenes

The visual effects were created and projected when the actors were shooting the scenes. Christopher Nolan employed this technique to get the most authentic reactions. There was no green screen behind the actors nor was there any props, the actors could see what environment they were in rather than just believe it in their minds.

A distinguished cast with the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Sir Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, Wes Bentley, Ellen Burstyn, Topher Grace and David Gyasi among others adorn the sets of the film as Nolan tries to convince us to watch another seemingly end of the world film. The film has an utopian approach to hope beyond rational belief that an experimental flight with a manned flight going into a worm hole with no way of knowing if the spaceship will be in the same galaxy or not and if the portal goes both ways. What if the portal transports you one way only and then you realize that you have no fuel, no time, not enough oxygen to make it back home but Matthew keeps assuring his kids that he is coming back to them.

The world has run out of food and space is the final frontier to be explored because human beings are not meant to die on Earth, apparently. The space explorers have to exceed their lifespan by spending the journey in cryogenic sleep so that they may be able to save the planet and human beings as a species. The Christopher Nolan film, Interstellar, releases on November 7th, 2014 in India.