After a long day of work do you get bogged down after running errands after the whole day? Well, this video will help you with five new ways to get more energy and stamina for the day. Stop sinking into your couch without moving a muscle for hours on end. Working for long hours with not much physical activity results in slow metabolism rate, it promotes obesity, high blood pressure and depression. The first thing you need to do is sip water throughout the day to avoid dehydration, make sure that your skin is moist enough. (ALSO READ: 3 Beauty foods for radiant, glowing and beautiful skin!)

The second thing you could do is make use of essentials oils. Some essentials oils are known to remove fatigue and relax you after a long day. You could use cinnamon, mint or eucalyptus in a diffuser to calm yourself. Also have you ever heard about the foot therapy? You can buy a pair of special stockings which help you with reducing stress in the blood vessels of your feet.

Colour therapy is yet another option! The colour red is known to actually raise energy levels, so you can incorporate the bright hue of red into your wardrobe or accessories. If none of these work, a cup of black coffee works the best. With the festival just around the corner, you know what to do to keep up you energy post all the celebrations. Watch the video below to know five ways to get more energy and boost your stamina!