Are you fed up of the way your hair turns out to during the monsoon season? Or are you fighting hair fall and frizz? Yes, hair tends to act pricey in the humid weather. Frizzy hair and hair fall are two of the most common hair problems that most of us have to deal with.

This video shares with you some awesome hair care tips to look forward to. The video tells you what kind of hair products to be used on different kinds of hair and also how to use combs. It also takes you through oiling and chemical treatments. (ALSO READ: How to create your own spa treatment at home!)

Hairstylist Noella Pereira shares with you 6 useful haircare tips to keep your hair healthy and shiny all year round. Simply try these tips and tricks and say goodbye to hair fall and frizzy hair.The video is a complete guide on how to shampoo and condition your hair the right way, the food to include in your diet for healthy hair etcetera.