It is the season of the scorching and killing sun, of humid heat and raising temperatures. It is the season of beaches, cool waters, holidays and fluids. It is Summer time. Normally summers last for around 3 months in India starting from April to June and are literally testing times for one. With the increasing global temperatures and unbearable heat, one needs to take extreme good care of one self during this time. Besides drinking lots of fluids is important to keep one hydrated and healthy during summers one needs to take care of their dressing and the kind of clothes they wear. Cotton is the most preferred piece of clothing as it is light and easy and keeps the skin healthy and breathing. One can also experiment with interesting summer fashion. We bring you some summer styles that will keep you cool and stylish at the same time!

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1) Flip Flops

Ditch your winter boots, summers are all about funky flip flops that are not only easily manageable but also light on the feet and extremely trendy. Make sure you invest in multiple pair of flip flops that can be worn with any kind of clothing and look good.

Flip Flops

2) Long Maxi dress

Summers are the best time to indulge in long maxi dresses. Not only does it looks beautiful it also protects your skin from the harsh sun rays. Make sure you wear nice flowing flowery long maxi dresses made of cotton and you will look good.

Flowy dresses

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3) Shorts

Unisexual piece of clothing and the season to wear them without any hassles. Shorts can be paired with simple tees, tops, ganjis and paired with long cotton thin jackets to give it a feel of longevity. A must try.


4) Palazzos

Did someone say comfort? Well Palazzos are that and much more. They are super comfortable and look amazing when paired with light cotton kurtis, trendy tops and tee shirts. And because its airy it gives some breathing to your skin.


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5) Tunic tops and Ganjis

Since summers can be harsh and hot, tunic tops and ganjis are an easy and breezy wear. They are light and fashionable and can be paired with right accessories, bottoms and foot wear. Make sure you apply sunscreen as the sun rays may harm your skin and you can always wear a scarf to not expose your skin to the harsh sunlight.

tank tops

6) Pastels and Neutrals and Pops

A bit about the color code here something both sexes need to know. Summers are all about vibrant and bright colors make sure you indulge in colors like red, yellow, orange , neon and florescent colors.

pastel colours

Article by Anwaya Mane