Summers are here and it is the season of the King of fruits – Mango. Mangoes are tropical fruits and best enjoyed during summers only. Although it contains a certain amount of heat which makes one feel bloated, full and is not easily digestible, it is still loved and consumed by everyone. Indians enjoy raw mango and aamras which is made of fresh mango pulp, milk and sugar and consumed with normal meals. It is still advisable to consume mangoes with ease to not let it affect your bodily systems. We list 6 interesting recipes for you to enjoy your raw mangoes and ripe mangoes in a fruitful way.

1) Corn & raw mango salad

This is an easy recipe. All you need to do is toss some corn, spring onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, herbs and raw mango pieces with any other ingredients of choice and some fresh yoghurt too to make a delightful recipe. Ensure it isn’t too spicy.

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2) Mango power shake

Need a cool, refreshing and enjoyable smoothie like drink? Mango power shake is just that and much more. Take mango pieces, almonds, honey and some fresh yoghurt to whip up a wonderful drink. It is healthy and keeps one hydrated too.

3) Mango chutney

Some raw mangoes, garlic, mint and black salt all are blended together to make an enjoyable dip or sauce to enhance your dull meals.

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4) Mango crepe or dosas

Mix dry and wet batter ingredients – flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Mix the wet ingredients of a large chopped mango, some cream, lime juice/chaat masala/ aamchoor powder and sugar to the mix. Heat the pan and apply some oil on it and spread the batter like dosa. Do till it becomes golden brown on both sides. You can add more filling too from the chopped mango pieces, mint, and sugar if the crepe isn’t sweet enough and spread dollops of cream on it too.

5) Mango raita

Now this is a sweet raita. Take some chopped mango pieces mix them in some fresh yoghurt add some saffron and cardamom to enhance the taste. Adding sugar is a personal choice.

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6) Mango and mint kheer

A fresh makeover to the creamy Indian dessert. Squeeze some mango pulp out of mangoes add that in a heating mix of boiling milk with rice, sugar, mint, cream and cardamom. Stir it vigorously. Add saffron strands and more mango pieces as garnish.

Article by Anwaya Mane