This 67-year-old man named Glenn Williams who suffered from something rare, he was living with a football-sized hernia. But now much to his relief the surgeons have managed to fix it. Initially it was quiet painful to the old man, when he coughed, his hernia would swell to 10 times the size of a usual hernia.

The condition made his life a misery following complications that resulted from bowel cancer surgery. He is now relieved and does not find his reflection repulsive like he did before, he became depressed and highly embarrassed about his body. But now he is glad to have a normal body like everyone else.

Glenn said, “If I coughed and when I was standing my stomach shot out like a football. I had different belts to try and keep it in but nothing worked. People accused my of shoplifting, they thought I was hiding something.” Eventually he got help thanks to a consultant plastic surgeon who used a new procedure combining three different techniques to fix the problem.