Across all ages, generations and countries, Michael Jackson was and is loved and revered. The manner in which the ‘King of Pop’ thrilled fans through the exceptionally conceptualized music videos, voice and in particular, dance was a sight to behold. The craze and hysteria that he generated throughout the world has been seldom witnessed by any band or artist. Imagine what he would have done to Youtube had one of his songs came out now. The adulation has not diminished one bit and for an entire generation of Indians, Michael Jackson was their first tryst with western music/pop.

That generation has grown up now but Michael Jackson opened doors to a world that millions were unaware of. He was the lovable saint and staunchly celebrated diversity. He also used his music to send out a message to the people of the world, a community that he felt strongly a part of. Issues like racism, global warming and violence on the street formed the theme for some of his chartbusters and endeared him to his massive legion of fans. The single, Thriller, which released in 1982 broke all records and stands even till this day. Here are a group of musicians, representing the KM Music Conservatory with a cracker of a tribute on his death anniversary.