It is every girls’s dream to have a flat tummy. It might seem like a tough task but here is an easy way to achieve your goal. Fitness expert Namrata Purohit’s got all the right moves in all the right places and demonstrates 7 great ab exercises minus any crunches to spare everyone any possible neck strain.

If you are a newbie and wondering how you could work towards getting a flat tummy, this video is definitely what you should be looking for. Although an ab workout may be a little tricky when it comes to correct positions and avoiding any sorts of neck injury, Namrata Purohit is here to your rescue! ALSO READ: Do you want a HOT butt? Try these butt-shaping exercises for a killer booty!

Toe Taps, Ab Choppers, Half Roll Back are included in the 7 ab exercises program. All these, coupled with a good diet plan will definitely help you get that flat belly almost instantly!