Shah Rukh Khan. The very name has a king like sound and the minute you hear it, you feel royal and princely. No wonder then, Shah Rukh Khan is known as the Baadshah of Bollywood or as King Khan. However, he did not get to the top in just one day. It has been a long struggle for him and there were a few disappointments along the way too! Shah Rukh Khan’s journey has been tough and he surely deserves to be where he is today. But naturally, with his fan following and his fame, there’s not a lot that is unknown about the actor. But still, there are a few things about SRK that not a lot of people know and that are amazing.

1. Shah Rukh Khan’s first job

He wasn’t born into riches, the Baadshah. He started out humbly and was once a ticket seller at cinemas. And guess what was his first salary? It was a mere Rs 50! From Rs 50 monthly to Rs 50 crores per movie, he surely has come a long way!


Shah Rukh Khan


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2. Shah Rukh Khan’s first crush

The heartthrob of Bollywood, who all the girls go mad over today was once mad about other Bollywood celebs!  Who, just who were those lucky ones? In his teenage years, Shah Rukh Khan had a major crush on Saita Banu and Mumtaz!


Shah Rukh Khan


3. The first 5 years of Shah Rukh’s life

Every knows that Shah Rukh Khan hails from Delhi but very few know that SRK spent the first 5 years of his life in Mangalore. He lived there with his maternal grandfather who was then the chief engineer of the port.


Shah Rukh Khan


4. Shah Rukh Khan’s first award

No, it was not as you might believe some Filmfare award or some Bollywood award but actually, an award he won in his school! SRK was brilliant at studies and sports. His school awarded him the ‘Sword of Honour’ which was the highest honour bestowed upon any student!


Shah Rukh Khan


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5. Shah Rukh Khan’s first acting partner

No, we are not talking about his film days where it was Divya Bharti in Deewana or his TV show days but in real life. Shah Rukh Khan and Amrita Singh were childhood friends and Amrita Singh was also his first acting partner during his theatre days!


SRK Amrita


6. First acting break

Despite Fauji commonly believed to be Shah Rukh Khan’s first serial, SRK actually got his first break through Dil Dariya for which he began shooting in 1988. However, due to production delays, Fauji released first and came to be famous has SRK’s debut TV show.


SRK with kids


7. Shah Rukh Khan’s first movie offer

Once again, Deewana is believed to be his first movie as it released first but in reality, the first film SRK signed is actually Hema Malini’s Dil Aashna Hai.