They are cute, friendly and can run to the end of the world for you. Yes, we’re talking of your best friends dogs! Dogs are absolutely amazing creatures and we can never really thank them enough. They have been by man’s side since centuries and they care for and adore their family. All they need is a little bit of love in return. They wait for their family all day and the minute someone steps through the door, nothing can match their joy! They are there for you through all your sorrows and pain and are loyal to a fault. So, we created this post for all those beautiful dogs out there who are bringing a smile on our face and making our lives a little happier.

1. When the dog thought his master drowned!

His master went to their local pond for a swim. The dog stayed on the bank watching and waiting his return. But then, the master decided to go underwater for a swim. He didn’t resurface for sometime. What do you think the dog did then?


What does this dog do when he thinks his master has drowned? #AwesomeDog #CuteDog #SaveALife #FunnyLifePosted by on Friday, 25 September 2015


2. Saving the kid!

A mother was really livid at her little child for something. This looks to be the time when corporeal punishments were considered to be the best way to tame children. She threatens the child with a thorough beating and even brandishes her slippers to make the meaning clear to the child! The dog at home sees all this and what he does next is truly heart-warming!



3.  Greeting the dad!

Dogs wait patiently for their families to return home each day and when they do, it’s priceless to see the joy on their faces! This little boy loves to see his dad returning home and both the baby and the dog dance in joy!



4. When dogs say sorry.

Awww! This one is so cute! The master is really angry on the dog for something is is berating him and the dog is genuinely sorry for what he’s done.  So what does he do to show he’s sorry? Except make that cute little puppy dog face, of course. Watch the video to know!




5. Dog who met a family member after 2 years!

Rebecca was a part of the family till the time she began to work and then she moved to Slovenia. She didn’t return home for her wedding either as she got married in a different location. Casey, her dog met her after 2 years when she returned home and my, was she ecstatic!




6. Waiting for their owners

Humans are sometimes heartless. Just because their dog has turned old and is now facing health issues, they just abandon the poor animal and leave him to die. But then, dogs are extremely loyal. This dog waited for 2 years for his owner to return!




7. Protecting the sleeping kid

This dog is trying his level best to protect the sleeping kid. But he himself is very sleepy! So, then, what happens finally?