Dedh-Ishqiya_MadhuriIshqiya was a tough act to follow but Abhishek Chaubey has pulled another ace out of his sleeve with the sequel. In an age where people are copying  old movies and making remakes, to set up a new franchise and make it this popular is no mean feat. If there is one flaw in the film, then it has to be the lacklustre music. A conversation about Ishqiya is incomplete without Ibn-e-Batuta and Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji somewhere but other than the seemingly less memorable music, the sequel is all aces. Here’s why you should definitely catch a show this weekend:

 The dialogues

dedh dialogue

Yes, you will be immersed in a world of Urdu but you don’t have to be an old timer or an expert in Urdu to understand what’s happening thanks to sub-titles and many of the words make sense The impeccable atmosphere actually makes the dialogues more understandable!

 Madhuri Dixit and Naseeruddin Shah’s chemistry

dedh madhuri naseeruddin

Naseeruddin Shah dressed as a Nawab and Madhuri Dixit as the widow of a Nawab both gracefully portray their part. The few moments when cupid strikes is a treat to watch.

 Madhuri’s dance


There is a full dance number by the mystifying Madhuri as the end credits play and flashes of her dance in the movie  will keep you mesmerised by her magnificence.

 Babban and Iftekhar aka Khalu aka Khalujaan

dedh khalu babban
The conning duo is back and as usual are up to no good, which often threatens to send them to an early grave dug by their old friend Mushtaq.  Mushtaq’s appearances are also well timed at strategic points in the film to spoil the duo’s plans.

 The conniving Vijay Raaz

dedh vijay raaz

The only clear competition to Naseeruddin Shah’s plans, be it poetry or clay pigeon shooting is Vijay Raaz. He plays the wealthy MLA who is involved in many unmentioned wrongdoings, moves with a gang of goons at his side and kidnaps one of the most popular contenders of the poetry competition to write poetry for him so that Madhuri Dixit gets impressed and marries him!

 Huma Qureshi

dedh huma arshad

Muniya, Begum Para’s aide (Madhuri Dixit) is her partner-in-crime, her friend, her closest associate and the brains behind a daring scheme to get rid of their debts and lead a free life.

 Irony of all kinds

dedh irony

Desi versions of  Wild Western shoot outs and Mexican stand-offs  with soothing classical thumris in the backdrop really captures the delightful sense of irony in the movie.