In this day and age fitness is not just about weight loss but has become synonymous to a healthy lifestyle. Gymnasiums are becoming a roaring business as they witness their memberships grow exponentially every year. But fitness is not only about exercise and working out it is also about taking care of ones food habits. They say abs are made in the kitchen so it is extremely important to eat right and eat healthy as much as it is about working out. But with people blindly following the internet or crazy food fads, they are not only ruining their health but also causing a dent in their fitness. We debunk 8 diet myths.

1. Skipping meals is good for health

If you are doing this you are committing a big sin human! Skipping meals will not help you in weight loss. Your body needs energy from time to time and food is that fuel for your body. Skipping meals will lead to more weight gain in the long run as your end up over eating due to starvation. Eat healthy and eat limited.




2. Crash dieting is good for you

Do not follow these crazy diet fads on social media. The apple diet and protein diet is all a façade. Your body needs all kinds of food: be it sweet, sour or bitter but everything in limited proportion and quantity. Eat everything but in moderation only. These diet fads will make you weak and more prone to illness.


GM Diet


3. Water helps weight loss

Yes, water helps in weight loss but water alone cannot do any magic. Water regulates the body temperature, helps in digestion and weight loss in a limited way. Consuming water before meals makes you a little full and prevents you from indulgence but that does not mean you can drink water and then again, drinking only water doesn’t help. Exercising is important.

Drinking Water

4. Grain foods like bread, rice and pasta are fattening

Bread, rice and pasta contain carbohydrates which provide your body energy. They get fattening when consumed in excess or with fancy fattening sauces or if curries and creams are mixed with them. Have pasta, bread or rice with less fattening salad dressing or creams and substitute them with their healthier versions like brown bread or red rice/wheat pasta.




5. Low-Fat or Fat free equals to no calories

Keep this in mind the next time you order diet coke! Low fat foods may not have as much calories as their fattening counterparts but they still contain some calories.  These foods to contain added sugar, starch and preservatives. That makes the product more unhealthy than even the original version. The next time round read the nutrition chart behind the product before consuming it.


Low Fat


6. Eating healthy food is expensive

Celebrities all over the world have the money to buy fancy foods like quinoa and asparagus like vegetables. Don’t follow them blindly. Small changes in your food and diet plans can do wonders. Eat fruits whenever you have these small hunger pangs, stick to home cooked food and avoid junk food as much as possible. Go for healthier alternatives and always stock a box of dry fruits in office/college drawer to kill that sudden hunger.


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7. If you exercise you can eat as much as you want

Wrong! Exercising speedens up the weight loss process ultimately it is most important to eat right at all times. It will burn the fat but that does not mean you are getting all other essential nutrients. If you exercise more, your body also needs more healthy food so that the muscles are built the right way. Remember abs are made in the kitchen. Eat right healthy and in moderation.




8. Healthy food is boring

The most common rant! But healthy food can be made interesting too. Take a bowl of fruits top it with nuts as they are healthy and add a little bit of a chat masala (pinch) and you will enjoy it. Have a table spoon of shuddh desi ghee (clarified butter). Ghee is good for one’s health according to vedics but remember to eat that in moderation.


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– Article by Anwaya Mane