Internet is the present and the future and surely kids understand this better than all of us. As per news agency AFP, in the latest Forbes magazine list that was published on Wednesday, December 18, an eight-year-old kid named Ryan Kaji was named the highest-paid YouTuber. As per the list, Ryan earned $26 million, that amounts to INR 1,84,81,00,800 (One billion eight hundred forty eight million and fifteen thousand Indian rupees) in 2019 from his YouTube channel Ryan’s World that includes videos on toys and education-related stuff.

Created by Ryan’s parents in the year 2015, it was initially named as Ryan ToysReview and had videos featuring the kid, who was then just three-years-old. The videos showed the child unwrapping some gifts and playing with them. However, with the kind of massive popularity it received, the content on the platform was evolved into more meaningful videos about education. The channel has around 22.9 million subscribers and has received almost 35 billion views since its creation.

The second position on the Forbes list was captured by a channel named Dude Perfect which is run buy a group of friends from Texas who make videos of them doing some unimaginably impossible feats. Dude Perfect earned $20 million between June 1,2018 and June 1, 2019, thereby fetching the second spot on the list.

Another child star Anastasia Radzinskaya from Russia came in third, with her channel earning $18 in a year. Her channels named Like Nastya Vlog and Funny Stacy have about 70 million subscribers.