Don’t underestimate a grandmother! Yes, as we all know that grand moms generally narrate stories to their grandchildren, pamper them with good food and shower gifts on them. But this grandma is extraordinary. Concha Garcia Zaera is 87 and she loves to paint, but not with crayons or paints. She is proficient in using Microsoft Paint and creating some masterpieces.

Overnight, this 87-year-old grandma has become an Instagram sensation. And people got impressed with the attention to detail in her work.

Have a look at her paintings:

Concha Garcia Zaera’s children gifted her a computer and she discovered MS Paint. Before that, she used to give classes in oil paintings.

She makes complex pictures by just using a mouse and a computer screen.

She works on an art piece for at least a week. Grandma pays attention to every detail of the picture. She says she is inspired by paintings and postcards.

Initially, she used to upload her finished artwork on Facebook but a few months back, one of her granddaughters suggested that she upload them on Instagram. And the rest is history! She has 134,000 followers but she has posted only 18 photos. Goes to show that age is just a number!