Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge or DDLJ as it is popularly known is a cult classic. Many Indian youth still swear by the Raj-Simran love story and DDLJ has been running in a Mumbai theatre since the past 20 years! Though there was a time in February this year when YRF decided to stop screening the movie but they had to eat their words thanks to fans and their demands! Raj and Simran are still the ideal love-birds and an example wished to set by all lovers. If nothing else, the movie sure contributed to Euro-rail tourism in a big way! The movie has many beautiful scenes and is a complete family entertainer – clean, sweet and completely romantic.

However, even the best of them make errors. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge has a total of 88 errors! Right from the first scene where Amrish Puri is busy feeding pigeons to the last where Shah Rukh Khan finally pulls Kajol into the train carriage. The silliness of the last scene has been pointed out many times over and has been a famous joke in India. After all, why didn’t Kajol just get into the nearest compartment and make things easier for herself? Well, Bollywood movies don’t promise logic. They promise entertainment!

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But that’s not the only error in the last scene! The ending is completely riddled with errors when observed closely will make you wonder as to why and how you never spotted them before! Also, one major you completely missed? Apte station in the middle of Punjab!Apte is actually a small village in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Looks like the makers seriously had their geography wrong! And honestly, what a woman-loving man Amrish Puri was! Check out the video to know all the 88 errors in detail!