They came, they saw and they conquered. The box office, millions of fans across the globe and the critics. With oodles of charm, powerhouse of talent and solid acting prowess to go by we swear by Ranbir Kapoor and DeepikaPadukone. They started their careers together with opposite releases in Om Shanti Om and Sawariyaa respectively. Irrespective of the box office performances of the film there was no blinking that the ‘Future Superstars of Bollywood’ had arrived and made rather impressive debuts bagging all the awards that year.

Their romantic liaison kept them in the news apart from the exciting movies they starred in and their rather public break post that hogged tabloid pages and provided fodder for the gossip mongers. 6 years post their breakup they have moved on with their lives and careers and have already starred in a film together, their 2013 love story Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and now 2 years post that they are back to sizzle the screen with Tamasha. We take a look at their best cinematic moments together where they owned the screen like a boss.

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1) When they danced on Khuda Jaane together
Italy has never looked so beautiful. Deepika and Ranbir serenaded on the beautiful locations of Italy together they looked sheer magic onscreen. Checkout the beautiful song Khuda Jaane.



2) When they proved they’re true rockstars!


When the dream duo along with director Imtiaz Ali redefined the rules of marketing and came up with their own promotional strategy for Tamasha. Check out this hilarious banter between the two with Imtiaz Ali playing the peacemaker.



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3) When they played reporters!

When Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone played reporters and promoted their film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani they almost came to exchanging blows with each other! (All is jest of course)



4) When they taught us the meaning of love!

It was when this awww and much in love couple danced together on Salman Khan’s show ‘Duska Dum’ and professed their love for the audiences to watch, everyone in the audience melted! Sigh!



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5) When Deepika made them have a ball!

The trio of Imtiaz Ali, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika were supposed to take a flight to Delhi but on Deepika’s insistence Ranbir cancelled their flight tickets and booked train tickets amidst a night of jokes, laughter, food, conversations and karaoke! Whatte fun.



6) When he proved true friends always stand up for each other!

Trust Ranbir on being a thorough gentleman. During the trailer launch of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, when a reporter asked Deepika about her ‘RK Tattoo’ Ranbir quickly defended Deepika who was close to tears. Knight in shining armour, RK!



7) When they showed us how beautiful those initial days of love are!

The ‘then much in love couple’ sang ‘Khuda Jaane’ together, with Deepika shyly snuggling besides Ranbir and they looked in each other’s eyes and blushed deeply in love. Awww



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8) When Ranbir bore the brunt for being off social media

Deepika shyly teased Ranbir about his lack of social media skills as they put up a rather adorable video of promoting Tamasha and teased him relentlessly. Such a sport, Ranbir!



9) When Ranbir hinted at a reconciliation!

Ranbir said Deepika should date a guy like him while promoting Yeh Jawaani Ha iDeewani almost giving us hopes of a reconciliation! We like.



Article by Anwaya Mane