The movie was epic, with roles of Rose and Jack emblazoned in our minds forever. There have been a whole lot of controversies and jokes surrounding the movie and the fact that Rose let Jack die. Recently, Kate Winslet, who gave us the role of Kate also accepted the harsh reality causing the internet to break out in a flurry of activity. The Titanic was the unsinkable ship and the fact that it met such an end on its very first journey shocked the world. The ship was a state of the art cruiser fitted with the best of the technology and advanced features. It was as beautiful as luxurious.

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However, the ship met with an accident when it struck an iceberg and damaged it’s lower parts, causing the water to rush in, fill the ship and sink it. The moment when the ship hit the berg, was a moment of terror and chaos as while the sailors did spy the iceberg before, they were at such speeds and the vessel so mammoth that it was impossible to stall it or change direction at the last minute. Though the Titanic was a tragedy,  it did give us some amazing moments. And recently, the Facebook page The Indian idiot created a series of hilarious jokes around Titanic hitting the iceberg.

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These quips, effectively blending the favourite Indian scenes and happenings with the unfortunate event of the ship hitting the berg are amazing and will make you roll on the floor with laughter, tears streaming down your face. Take a look and enjoy!

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Credits: The Indian Idiot Facebook Page