Getting an A+ in a school project is always a big thing but it becomes even a greater achievement when you get it from none other than former US First Lady Michelle Obama. Audrey Dow’s daughter received an A+ grade from Michelle Obama for one of her school projects. The 9-year-old was inspired by the former First Lady and she dressed as the latter in for a project at school. Audrey Dow shared a photo of her daughter dressed like Michelle Obama on Twitter which caught the attention of the former First Lady and she was so happy that she tweeted that if she would have been her teacher she would have given Audrey Dow’s daughter an A+. Audrey Dow’s daughter impressed Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama has carved a niche for herself for promoting women’s education and her commitment to helping students go to college have inspired many. Audrey Dow said that her daughter was inspired by Michelle Obama’s commitment towards higher education and thus, she saw herself in her icon. Audrey Dow shared a picture of her daughter dressed as Michelle Obama and wrote, “Today my 9-year-old was @MichelleObama for her 3rd-grade Open House project. She was inspired by her work to make sure more kids go to college & # ReachHigher. She loves that Mrs. Obama is brown & has hair like hers #ISawMyself.” Michelle Obama Birthday: Top 10 Quotes of the US First Lady on Hope, Life and Honesty

Check out Audrey Dow’s daughter dressed as Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama graded the project

Better Make Room that is Michelle Obama’s college access campaign for Generation Z responded to Audrey Dow’s tweet

Alexandra, Audrey Dow’s daughter was teary-eyed after receiving Michelle Obama’s reply

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama made way for Donald Trump and Melania Trump as Barack Obama’s presidential term ended in 2016. However, even after leaving the White House the former first couple is still revered and very popular among the masses, so much so, that people are asking Michelle Obama to run for President in the next coming elections.