We hear amazing tales of wonder but this one’s a first! All of us have done charity but we give just a little, rupees, old clothes or the likes. However, we never think of how, even our little seems like something huge for someone who cannot even afford the basic necessities of life. That is exactly what happened when an entire church came together and decided to tip a pizza boy. The total came to over  $700 and left the pizza boy completely stunned! He just couldn’t believe his eyes and decided to share his amazing experience with everyone by posting a video on YouTube and telling everyone of the good deed.

Jeff Louis thought it would be just another normal day, albeit a busy one when he was called in to work early. Normally, the pizzeria he works at doesn’t open before 12 but that day, there was a special delivery from a church and it was a huge order so he was called in earlier to help. So, he reached the church and was sitting in his van when the church members came to collect their orders. Each one of them tipped the delivery boy making the combined total over a whopping $700 (approximately Rs 46,600)! He was completely stunned and did not know how to react.

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He mentioned in the video, before breaking down, how he was facing problems in life and this seemed to be a Godsend. With the spirit of Christmas all around us, the video seems to be a message, teaching us all the joys of giving and how if each one of us tries just a little, collectively we can make a massive change in one person’s life. A beautiful, beautiful video indeed!