A big burly bear riding on motorbike sidecar can happen only in two instances – either the circus near you or you’re high AF! But there is a third case like we see in the viral video shot by Nicholas Pasynkov in the Russian city of Syktyvkar. Though it was later found out the animal to be a trained one from a nearby circus but that did not kill the curiosity of the surprised man was driving when he came across the unusual sight. A grizzly brown bear is calmly sitting in the sidecar of a motorbike as two people rode the bike. Not an everyday sight to witness, Nicholas quickly captured the odd moment on a camera and posted it on the social media. Bear breaks into home in Colorado, US and trashes the place! Watch video of the bear playing piano.

Nicholas Pasynkov pulled out his mobile phone immediately as he saw the large bruin enjoying the motorbike ride. The bear did not seem out of place as he enjoyed the wind flow on his face. For the fellow drivers and pedestrians who caught the weird sight were definitely astonished. Nicholas’ shot film did arouse a lot of curiosity among the viewers on YouTube. Several comments like ‘Coolest shit I have seen in a while’, ‘of course its Russia… where else would this be…’, ‘This is about one of the most Russian things I’ve ever seen’, to concerned yet sarcastic comments like ‘Get a helmet on that bear!’. Woah! Russian model and daughter have picnic with giant real life bear.

Amidst the hullabaloo over the giant bear riding the bike as if no big deal was on, another video surfaced on the internet soon. Well, this clip revealed the mystery behind the bear and his bike ride. It showed the brown bear getting into the sidecar of the motorbike. He is trained animal who performed in the travelling circus organized by the Polar Wolves bike club. The bear’s trainer also hopped on the motorcycle behind the bike’s rider.

However the sight of a bear riding the bike would have fascinated us, one cannot take away the fact that it is a clear case of animal abuse. The circuses with animals are well known for their poor treatment and doing something as making a giant bear sit on the sidecar and ride on busy streets is reflecting the deplorable mindset towards animals. We hope the video evokes a strong reaction against banning animals from performing in circuses rather than be a part of such mindless trickery.