The short film Ananya is a story of a girl who decided to give up on life in a moment of utmost despair. The movie gives you a glimpse of what her family goes through after her suicide. The pain, the guilt and the sorrow that takes a toll on her parents and kills them everyday is the core theme of the film.

Ananya gives out a strong message to the young audience who don’t think twice before committing suicide. This movie will surely give them an admonition on what their decision can do to their family. Unable to face rejection of her broken engagement, Ananya decides to take her life. But her spontaneous decision becomes a lifelong misery for her parents. The shock of seeing their only daughter hanging was so tragic that her father didn’t cry at all and the mother couldn’t control her tears.

The choice you make at the spurt of the moment make isolate and stigmatize your family and loved one forever. Whenever you feel suicidal it is always advisable to open up and talk to someone about what you feel.  Ananya tells you to think twice before taking such a drastic step. Your suicide can kill your family as well.