Beating plastic pollution has become a concern for the entire world and as we recently celebrated the World Environment Day many celebrities talked about different ways to beat plastic pollution especially in oceans and water bodies.

An artist in Kenya, Francis Mutua is beating plastic in his own creative way, in fact, he along with his team have recycled more than 500,000 flip-flops and made them into innovative animal replicas.

It is shocking to note that more than three billion pairs of flip-flops end up in the ocean. Francis and his team find flip-flops that wash up on the shore and make them into artwork.

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This not only helps in reducing the plastic in the ocean that can affect the marine life but also employ locals.

This great cause is employing more than 900 Kenyans financially.

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The World Environment Day also brought in-focus the conversation about plastic and its harmful effects towards nature. They also talked about how we can make little changes so that we can create a greener future.