Online trolls, baseless rumours and spreading hatred have earned the Internet a bad name. So who neutralizes all the negativity so prevalent on social media? The answer is very simple – cute pet and baby videos. In this case, the star of an ongoing viral video is a little pup named Brownie whose owner claims him of ‘talking back’. No, this is no bluff like the famous scene ‘bolne wala kutta’ from 2011 Bollywood film, Chillar Party. But indeed the little dog is heard making impressions quite close to ‘Thank You’ taking the microblogging platform by pleasant surprise and heavy storm of awws. 11 Pictures of the Japanese Toddler Girl and her Pet Giant Poodle are a Pure Joy

A Twitter user, Angelica posted a short video on her handle, @Angiee_Avacadoo and she must not have anticipated such an overwhelming response. She shared the video of her pet puppy, Brownie who according to Angelica spoke back to her. In the footage, the owner is heard telling her sleepy head doggo to repeat ‘Thank You’ to her. After much insistence, the cute doggy let out a little wail which sounded like the words ‘Thank You’. Angelica continued asking Brownie to repeat it and this time around the good boy ‘said’ it properly making his owner go in all awe mode.

Angelica tweeted the video and captioned it as, “BROWNIE JUST REPEATED ME HAHA IM CRYING”. Well, she was not alone in crying surprised, happy tears as the video instantly went viral. It had more than 97,000 Retweets and around 258,000 Likes with over 1000 comments by other dog lovers. Seeing the enthusiasm among the pet lovers and new found celebrity status for her little baby, Angelica posted another picture of Brownie sleeping peacefully. She writes, “Brownie is going viral rn (right now), sweetie you’re doing amazing, even in your sleep. Being famous is tuff,” making the little boy even more.